Watching Football on a Backyard Theater System

Movie Licensing

Important Movie Licensing Information!

It's generally considered "fair use" to view and play your DVDs or Blu-Ray media in the privacy of your own backyard, provided that you're not giving a public exhibition. Please be advised, however, that the purchase of products or equipment from Backyard Theater Systems LLC does NOT grant the purchaser any rights to make use of or display copyrighted material, nor does it constitute approval of such actions. You may obtain exhibition rights of many copyrighted film and video presentations by making arrangements with Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. We strongly recommend that you visit to learn more about pricing, current copyright laws and prohibitions before staging any public viewings of potentially copy-protected materials. You can find additional licensing options at

Certain studios have specific rules as to which of their titles can or cannot be shown publicly with a public performance license, while many older titles have fallen into the public domain, so you may also want to contact the studio that produced, distributes or licenses the film to determine the property's status.