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Wedding Rehearsals and Outdoor Theaters: A Memorable Combination

Do you know a June bride – or are you the June bride yourself? June has always been the most popular month for weddings, going back to ancient Rome, which held festivals honoring the goddess of marriage (Juno) at this time of year. It going without saying that you’ll want to make a top-class video of the wedding itself, but don’t forget the importance of an equally compelling wedding rehearsal video. These videos have become an integral part of the “ceremony before the ceremony,” and your backyard theater system will let you share this important moment on a suitably large scale.

If you’re anticipating nice weather for your June wedding, you can stage both the wedding and the rehearsal dinner preceding it in an outdoor garden or yard – the very setting that our backyard theater systems are intended for. If you’re showing the video outdoors, however, keep the longer June days in mind when you schedule this part of the event, because even the most powerful LCD projector requires low ambient light to produce an easily-viewable image on the screen. (This calculator can give you an idea of when to expect the sun to set on the date in question.)

If you’ve seen your share of wedding rehearsal videos, then you can probably tell a good one from a bad one (or at least a dull one). You want to create a touching piece that tells the story of how these two people came together, and that means collecting images from all stages of their lives, from childhood to the present moment. You can edit together your own mix of still images and video, all set to music, or you can hand this task over to a videographer. The results will make a magnificent impression on one of our outdoor theater systems!

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