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Start Your Own Outdoor Movie Rental Business!

If you’ve owned a Backyard Theater Systems setup for any length of time, chances are that one of your friends or party guests has said to you, “Boy, I wish I could get my hands on one of these outdoor theater systems just for my birthday party (or anniversary celebration, or Super Bowl party, or World Series party, et cetera).” In other words, they’re not ready to invest in their own system, but they’d love to have one when they need it. Well, guess what – there are a lot more folks out there who probably wish the same thing. And that means you can make a tidy side income renting outdoor theater systems to them!

How would you go about this? The basics are simple enough. Purchase a few of our backyard theater systems, and then charge a daily rental fee for individuals and organizations who need such a system for an isolated event. We’ve been selling systems to entrepreneurial customers who are pursuing this very course of action, so we know it’s a popular idea. But of course there are plenty of other variables you’ll want to think about as you’re setting up your new side business, including:

  • How much you want to charge per day
  • How many systems to invest in (you might start with one and then gauge the demand for more as you go)
  • How you’ll want to handle late fees, equipment damage and other issues
  • Whether you want to offer optional sizes or configurations, from our Showcase Series to our Indoor/Outdoor Series
  • Any local or state tax issues associated with running your own business
  • Whether you’d like to rent accessories such as chairs or benches
  • How much storage space you have to accommodate the equipmentGive a backyard theater rental business some thought – and then give us a call!

16 thoughts on “Start Your Own Outdoor Movie Rental Business!

  1. Norm Nebroski on said:

    Dear Steve,
    I left a message with one of your team members on Friday… I look forward to you follow up with me…
    My wife has a production company and I work in the Luxury Estate Market and we would love to have a secondary income within this market…
    Great, timely post,


    Norm Nebroski
    (805) 302-8842

  2. SHAYLA Brown on said:

    Are there any license that I’d need in order to rent out screens and projectors to homeowners for backyard use

    • on said:

      You will not need movie licenses if people are just using the system on their own property for a private event. If you rent to any businesses such as Parks and Recreation Departments or Camp Grounds, they will need o purchase a movie license for the title they will be showing.

  3. Tshepiso Monyatsi on said:

    Good day,

    i would like to start an Outdoor Movie Rental Business. i am in Botswana. how can you assist me. please also send me a quote.


  4. Luis Medina on said:

    I would like to start my own outdoor movie rental business

  5. Reno fells on said:

    I would like to start out door movie theater business

  6. Virginia Freeman on said:

    This is such a great idea. I think I have what it takes to get this off the ground and running. When I win, my first priority!!!! Thanks.

  7. Lynne McQuitty on said:

    Am interested in knowing how to start a rental business

  8. Nicole Bayer on said:

    I’m interested in knowing how to start my own rental business

  9. James PattersonJames on said:

    I am interested in talking more about adding an Outdoor Movie Rental Business as part of our services menu. Can I have a representative from your company call or email me on this.

    Thank you,
    James Patterson

  10. Lakeba banks on said:

    Hi I would like to get more information on starting my own back yard movie rental business
    My number is 631-381-2913

  11. Jeremy L Oleary on said:

    I am interested in getting started

  12. Jeremy L Oleary on said:

    I would like to start asap

  13. Henry on said:

    Do I need to purchase a license in Indiana if I want to start my own movie business. I’m looking into purchasing a projector and an inflatable screen. Are there any certain projectors that would be optimal?

  14. John Orr on said:

    Where do I start in California?

  15. Dawn on said:

    please send me prices of packages thank you

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