people watching football on their outdoor projection screen

SAVI Business solutions

Do you travel for business and need a platform to deliver an awesome PowerPoint presentation or instructional video but you are tired of renting from business centers? Or do you have a conference room and need a portable presentation tool that will help you maximize your meeting times and spaces. You can get creative with the SAVIL Business Solutions System. You could even have an evening meeting outdoors with appetizers and wine to add to the employee moral! Or host your yearly company awards ceremonies outside! This is a truly incredible and portable presentation tool. The system comes with a 10ft projection screen, 2-100watt speakers, SAVI projection that is compatible with laptops, tablets, Blu-ray players and more! All the cords and set up instructions included. Also it all fits into our easy storage container on wheels for easy travel. The screen is free standing and much sturdier than the classic tripod projection screen. This package also comes with our SAVI projector which has an industry leading 2 year warranty that includes the bulb for the projector. All this for only $1,999 ! You will never have to rely on anyone else to provide you with your presentation needs you will own it!  We are excited to be supplying SAVI AV with our portable equipment!  Check them our today

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