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Sleepovers have been a grand old tradition for generations of children. There’s just something special about this kind of “pajama party,” from sharing nighttime treats to watching favorite movies together – and when you have a full-sized outdoor theater system, that special evening becomes even more amazing. Let’s look at some tips for running a safe, entertaining sleepover show.

The first thing you have to consider, of course, is the choice of titles. Do your homework in advance, paying close attention to the recommended age labels and any warnings about language, violence and so on. You may also want to invite the kids of submit their own requests, which you can vet with everyone’s parents before presenting a final short list. The kids can then pick the evening’s featured entertainment from that group.

How late will your sleepover run? This matters too, since different kids will have different usual bedtimes. Since your outdoor theater setup requires darkness for optimal results, summertime sleepover films may go uncomfortably late unless you deliberately choose a film with a shorter running time. If you want to have more control over your start time, consider moving your backyard theater system indoors (if possible) so you’ll have more light control.

What kinds of treats should you serve at your sleepover screening? Heavy and/or sugary snacks can cause upset tummies and other problems, so you may want to stick with popcorn and other light, healthy options. Make sure you know which kids have allergies to specific foods before you hand out any goodies, at showtime or any other time.

An outdoor theater package from Backyard Theater Systems can make any sleepover a box-office smash with your kids and their friends. Put one of our systems through its paces to see for yourself – and become the coolest parent on the block!

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Has it gotten harder and harder every holiday season to come up with original, dazzling gifts for friends and family members? If you feel like you’re shopping from the same Holiday list every year, maybe it’s time you hit a genuine holiday home run. An outdoor theater package from Backyard Theater Systems can make an unforgettable Holiday present for your family – or for any other important family in your life!

If you think about it, the timing of the December holidays couldn’t better for putting a brand-new big-screen theater system under your own tree this Christmas. You’ll (hopefully) be off from work, the kids will be home from school, and you’ll all be a little stir crazy with the extra time on your hands. What better time to set up the screen, fire up the projector and enjoy some quality time in gorgeous high definition video and rich stereo sound? If Jack Frost is making the great outdoors somewhat less than inviting this winter, move your outdoor theater indoors and keep the entertaining coming. Best of all, you’ll be all set to experience the annual holiday specials in a whole new light.

If you’re already having the time of your life with your backyard theater system, how about giving one to a beloved friend or relative? Who are the movie buffs and TV marathoners in your life? For that matter, which of your loved ones uses media to give business or organizational presentations? Imagine how thrilled these folks will be to receive a high-quality backyard theater system. Better yet, don’t just imagine it – make it happen!

Backyard Theater Systems is happy to be your special Santa this holiday season. Place your order now – and be sure to clear an extra-large space under the tree!

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We’re delighted to announce our newest outdoor theater system. This package features a 135” (over 11 feet) diagonal screen system that can work equally well with both front projection and rear projection. Actually, it’s a pair of screens – one black screen and one white, no-wrinkle stretch screen. The screens are used together for front projection; for rear projection, you’ll just use the white screen. The package also includes:

  • A 720p, 2800-lumen SAVI LED projector
  • Wi-Fi Blu-Ray player
  • 5.25” SAVI active & passive speakers
  • 4 twist stakes and 4 tie-downs
  • Extension cord, RCA audio cables and speaker cable (each 25′ long)
  • A multi-outlet power strip and 800-lumen Tactical Zoom Flashlight

The whole package fits into two padded, portable/storable carry bags. It also fits into your budget, because we’re offering it for an amazing $999.

We’ve previously discussed the respective merits of front-projection and rear-projection outdoor theater systems, including the great advantage of being able to tuck cables and components safely out of view when using rear projection. We also added a beautiful 12-foot rear-projection screen to our product lineup. But you may still find yourself wondering whether you should purchase a front-projection system or a rear-projection system. Well, we’ve answered that question for you – because now you can have both in a single package!

go outdoors with your outdoor theater system? Well, now you can, because this system can also work with an optional rechargeable battery pack. Enjoy your movie nights during camping trips, tailgating parties, or anywhere else that could benefit from some totally “off-grid” fun!

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate in versatility, affordability and sheer fun factor, here it is. Don’t limit yourself to front projection, rear projection or even local electricity availability – contact Backyard Theater Systems and learn more about how you really can have it all!

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Summer’s here, and will be gone before we know it! For many people the summer season stirs up the desire to roam, from family vacations to personal cross-country road trips. But if you won’t be able to hop in the car and engage in a summertime adventure, don’t worry – and, your loved ones and your friends can get all of the fun (with none of the gas expense) by screening a festival of classic road movies on your backyard theater system. Here are some suggestions to get your engines revving.

Easy Rider

Nominated for a Best Screenplay Oscar in 1969, this landmark film follows a pair of young misfits as they ride toward California on their Harleys in a countercultural search for “America.” With a talent pool including Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson, co-screenwriter Terry Southern and (of course) music by Steppenwolf, you’ll feel “Born to Be Wild.”

Thelma & Louise

This road movie directed by Ridley Scott has grown in reputation from controversial to classic since its initial release in 1991. Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon offer a feminist take on the tried-and-true buddy movie formula as they set out on a weekend getaway and end up in a marathon of trouble from Arkansas to the Grand Canyon.

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

Hitchhikers of all ages will have a lot of laughs accompanying Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens) on his quest, first to San Antonio and then to Hollywood, to recover his stolen bicycle. This crazy road trip adventure was Tim Burton’s first feature film.

The Road to Morocco

Bob Hope and Bing Crosby use camel power to get them through the desert to Morocco following a shipwreck, where of course they run into Dorothy Lamour. This classic 1940s comedy is one of the highlights of this comedy duo’s six “Road to…” movies.

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August 2016 can mean only one thing to the world’s sports fans: the Rio Olympic Games. This massive multi-sport event is as big as athletic competition gets, so it only makes sense to watch it in the biggest viewing environment possible. If you’ve been on the fence about ordering an outdoor theater from Backyard Theater Systems, this is the ideal moment to equip yourself with out sized audio and video so you’ll feel every bit of the excitement.

One of the nice things about this particular Olympics is the fact that it really will be reaching you more or less as it happens. That’s because Rio is only one time zone ahead of Easter Standard Time, meaning that you aren’t limited to recording events in the middle of the night or waiting until the medals have already been won to see the performances. Even so, NBC (the host network for the Olympics) will be presenting many of the events during daytime hours (10am to 5pm ET/PT), so you may want to record specific events for later viewing on the big screen. The network’s schedule at gives details for broadcasts and live online streams (which can also view on your big screen by plugging your streaming device into your projector).

You might be content to “graze” from the general menu of Olympic events presented by NBC and NBCSN (The NBC Sports Network), but other channels follow specific sports even more closely. For instance, now that golf has returned to the Olympics, the Golf Channel will be covering the various tournaments in depth. Bravo is focusing on tennis, while NBC Universal’s soccer and basketball channels will be prime resources for following those two sports.

Whatever sports you care about, give the 2016 Summer Olympics the full attention it deserves. Order your backyard theater system now!

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One staple of many communities’ summertime entertainment is the evening movie pool party. These events, which are typically held at municipal pools, allow folks of all ages to splash comfortably while watching family classics on a big-screen outdoor theater system. But you don’t have to wait for your city to take the initiative if you have your own pool and your own outdoor theater. And now Backyard Theater Systems offers the perfect complement to such a setup – a 12′ rear-projection screen, the latest addition to our SilverScreen lineup!

Rear-projection setups are much to be preferred if you’re planning a pool-oriented movie screening. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about all the screen shadows created by swimmers’ heads and upper bodies bobbing above the water. Secondly, you’re moving that valuable (end electric) projection equipment well away from the water, with the screen providing an extra splash barrier. Last but not least you won’t have to worry about some kid’s float turning him in the wrong direction and exposing his eyes directly to a front-projected beam of light.

Speaking of floats, you may want to make sure you have several types of floats, air mattresses, inflatable chairs and deck chairs on hand, even if you encourage the neighbors to bring their own. Insist on parental supervision for all the younger guests; this will relieve you of the need to play lifeguard throughout the screening. One final note: While you’ll obviously want to let the sun go down before firing up the projector, your guests may need some strategically-positioned light sources to help them get safely in and out of the pool.

Ready for some big-screen poolside fun this summer? Get a Backyard Theater Systems package with a rear-projection screen, grab some family films and get ready to make a big splash!

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As we’ve mentioned before, Backyard Theater Systems now offers a 12-foot rear-projection screen to complement our range of front-projection screens. Let’s look at some good reasons to consider selecting this type of setup for your outdoor theater.

One great thing about rear-projection systems is that it gets the projector out of the way. So it is great for backyards with pools. It also eliminates the possibility of people crossing in front of the projector itself. This means no more shadows passing across the screen at key moments in the presentation.

Rear-projection systems are actually easier to use with outdoor or backyard theaters than they are with indoor setups in one important respect: space utilization. In a standard indoor theater room, a rear-projection setup requires a whole additional room behind the screen area so the projector can placed sufficiently far away to get a focused image of the right size. But in a backyard theater, you’re only limited by the depth of the yard itself, and you can position the screen as needed to get the distances just right.

Brightness is one aspect of the home theater experience that’s easier to control with front projection than with rear projection. Instead of the light from the projector bouncing off the of the screen as in front projection, a rear-projected image must actually pass through the membrane of the screen, which can diminish perceived brightness slightly. You can compensate by moving the projector a little closer to the screen (trading a little image size for extra brightness) or by opting for one of our more powerful projectors. Contact us and we’ll help you make the perfect choice for your new rear-projection theater!

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Barbecue: A Texas Love Story

No matter what part of the country you call home, your meat-loving guests will remember this documentary about the culture of Texas barbecue for many cookouts to come. Former Texas Governor Ann Richards hosts interviews with the many Texas who love their ‘cue.

National Lampoon’s Vacation/National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation

These two films don’t dwell on their cookouts, but the scenes they include will have you spitting potato salad out of laughter – and hey, they’re both about vacations, which makes them perfect summer fare. In National Lampoon’s Vacation, the Griswold family is treated to a meatless backwater barbecue by Cousin Eddie. In Vegas Vacation, they’re once again experiencing hillbilly hospital with a cookout fueled by nothing but a hot rock.


Will you have guests of all ages at your cookout? Then screen this G-rated Pixar animated feature about an ambitious rat’s quest to become a leading French chef. It’s a great exploration of the joy of creating something special for others – and isn’t that what hosting a cookout is all about?

Big Night

Okay, maybe you’re not serving up a barbecue; maybe you’re hosting an upscale patio party featuring classic dishes of Old World cuisine. In that case, you’ll want your “dinner and a movie” to include this film starring Stanley Tucci and Tony Shalhoub as two brothers putting all their skill on the line to create a once-in-a-lifetime Italian feast. Mangia!From family cookouts to feasts for foodies, you’re sure to find your outdoor theater a welcome accompaniment to a great meal!

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Do you live and breathe the time-honored sport of golf? Does your TV tuner spend days at a time set on the Golf Channel? Wouldn’t you love it if that small-screen experience could capture the excitement, the energy, even the fresh air of the real event? Well, now it can – thanks to your outdoor theater setup from Backyard Theater Systems!

Golf is, above all else, a sport for the keen-eyed observer. From judging the break of the green to following the ball’s mid-air trajectory, golf is as much fun to watch as it is to play for dedicated fans worldwide. In fact, you could say that it’s “made for TV” in one important sense: The fans on the ground are limited to what their eyes can see and where their feet can take them, while the viewer at home can dart from hole to hole, player to player and even day to day through the magic of video technology. Blow those images up on one of our 12-foot or 16-foot projection screens, and the result is even better than being there! And you won’t be cooped up in your living room, either; you’ll be out in the yard with your golfing buddies, feeling the breeze and enjoying the fresh grassy smells of summer.

Speaking of summer, this summer is a huge one for golf. In addition to such must-sees as the U.S. Open, the British Open, the PGA Championship and the John Deere Classic, you’ve got the Olympics, Yes, golf is making its appearance at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games (its first since the 1904 Summer Games), with NBC Sports providing the TV coverage. You’ll want to watch history unfold in an appropriately grand manner – so get yourself an outdoor theater system, and get ready for some serious golf!

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If you’ve owned a Backyard Theater Systems setup for any length of time, chances are that one of your friends or party guests has said to you, “Boy, I wish I could get my hands on one of these outdoor theater systems just for my birthday party (or anniversary celebration, or Super Bowl party, or World Series party, et cetera).” In other words, they’re not ready to invest in their own system, but they’d love to have one when they need it. Well, guess what – there are a lot more folks out there who probably wish the same thing. And that means you can make a tidy side income renting outdoor theater systems to them!

How would you go about this? The basics are simple enough. Purchase a few of our backyard theater systems, and then charge a daily rental fee for individuals and organizations who need such a system for an isolated event. We’ve been selling systems to entrepreneurial customers who are pursuing this very course of action, so we know it’s a popular idea. But of course there are plenty of other variables you’ll want to think about as you’re setting up your new side business, including:

  • How much you want to charge per day
  • How many systems to invest in (you might start with one and then gauge the demand for more as you go)
  • How you’ll want to handle late fees, equipment damage and other issues
  • Whether you want to offer optional sizes or configurations, from our Showcase Series to our Indoor/Outdoor Series
  • Any local or state tax issues associated with running your own business
  • Whether you’d like to rent accessories such as chairs or benches
  • How much storage space you have to accommodate the equipmentGive a backyard theater rental business some thought – and then give us a call!