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Meeting the neighbors can be tough. Throwing a party or offering to host your local summer block party can be a great way to meet your neighbors and get to know one another.

With our Recreation System you can easily set up an amazing evening movie for the whole neighborhood! Using the convenient rear screen projection, you can rest assured your equipment will be safe and sound while the kiddos have fun playing out in front. Speaking of having room out front, stream some fun YouTube Karaoke music and have a neighborhood sing-along!

Since you know you’ll have the entertainment covered here are some of our other favorite block party activities you might want to consider!


  • Face Painting. Hire a professional or have someone in the community paint faces at your block party. This is often a cheap and fun incentive for the children at your block party.
  • Fireworks. If you have the permission to do so, fireworks can be an exciting way to end the night.
  • Karaoke. If no one in your community owns a karaoke machine, consider renting or making your own alternative. Karaoke is an activity that will be fun and hilarious for everyone at your block party.
  • Bike Parade. Consider designating a time for kids to decorate their bikes, according to the theme of your block party, and then participate in your neighborhood block party bike parade.
  • Invite the Fire and Police Departments. Invite your local officials to your neighborhood block party to help kids become better acquainted with them. They can even provide a safety demonstration for the families in your community.
  • Water Balloon Toss/Fight. If having a pool for your neighborhood block party is out of the question, consider having water games instead.
  • Arts & Crafts Table. If someone in your community is particularly crafty or if you choose to hire someone for your party, an arts & crafts table is a great way to keep kids entertained throughout your block party.
  • Bean Bag Toss. A classic block party game is the bean bag toss, which can be fun for all ages.
  • Three-Legged Race. Three-legged races are one way to involve adults and kids in a little friendly competition.
  • Bubble Machine. A bubble machine is a cost-effective option that is sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces, kids especially.
  • Piñata. Even if you’re not celebrating anything in particular, a piñata is a low-cost way to get your block party started.
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Maybe it’s the warmer weather, but something about summer and watching rom-coms just feels right. Whether you’re escaping the heat with an old classic or lounging outside for an outdoor movie fest, there are certain films that just seem to capture the spirit of summer. These movies transport us to different states, countries, and even time periods. Filled with love, friendship, and oh so summery vibes, these are the ones you can get away with watching repeatedly. (If you know every line of The Notebook, we won’t tell anyone.)


The Sandlot

The adorable tale of adolescence and true friendship may have just celebrated 25 years since its premiere, but the themes and humor are still just as relatable today. Watch as new kid in town Scottie Smalls befriends the kiddos who play baseball at the sandlot, and all the adventure that follows.


Dirty Dancing

Prepare yourself for this summer’s family vacation by watching Jennifer Grey cope with hers at a woodsy Catskills resort. She carries a watermelon, rehearses a steamy dance number with Patrick Swayze, and together, they nail the finale’s iconic lift. After this, nobody puts baby in the corner again.


Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Dumped by his girlfriend (played by Kristen Bell) a heartbroken Jason Segal takes a restorative vacation to Oahu, only to find her there with new boyfriend Russell Brand. Don’t worry, though: Mila Kunis helps him get over her.


The Parent Trap

Long-lost twin sisters reconnect, and hilarity ensues as they become acquainted with the lives they could’ve had. And who doesn’t love a little classic Lilo?


Dazed and Confused

In ’70s Austin, Texas, the last day of school calls for some freshman hazing, epic rock music, and a beer-soaked keg party. Look out for shaggy-haired Matthew McConaughey and Ben Affleck.


The Notebook

Take one-part Rachel McAdams and add one-part Ryan Gosling and a liberal dose of passionate, storm-drenched lip locks. Prepare to feel all the feels all over again.


Say Anything

We dare you to re-watch this classic ’80s romance and not daydream of Lloyd Dobler, boom-box raised high above his head, blasting Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes right outside your bedroom window.


Moonrise Kingdom

Set on a fictional New England island, 12-year-olds Sam and Suzy run away together—he from wilderness camp, she from her family’s home (called “Summer’s End”)—and set up house in the woods. The infinitely charming characters and lush setting make this one of our very favorite coming-of-age films.