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Few events can conjure up more emotion and atmosphere than a wedding, whether it’s set against a magnificent scenic backdrop or its taking place in the familiar comfort of your own backyard.

When you have an outdoor theater setup from Backyard Theater Systems, you have some great additional options for enhancing the overall magic of that outdoor wedding. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Slide shows – Slide shows set to music have become a staple of many wedding rehearsals and they can add a special quality to the ceremony as well. You can edit your slide show in to a movie and play it on the system’s Blu-ray player, or you can connect your PC directly to the projector and control it from there. Either way, you’ll have an impressive multimedia addition to your outdoor wedding.

Family videos – Family videos can make any wedding more special, and your outdoor theater can bring them to life in a grand manner for your outdoor wedding. From personal messages by family members who could not attend to montages of special moments from the past, video can be transferred to digital format for display on your system.

 Big-screen live coverage -If you have a videographer on hand to record the ceremony, consider patching the live camera feed to your outdoor theater system. No matter where your guests are sitting, every one of them will be able to see every once-in-a lifetime moment!

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Everybody loves watching a big-screen movie under the stars — but what about those times. When you’d rather take the viewing experience indoors? Maybe the weather isn’t so inviting, for instance. Or if you’re having an indoor party with friends and family. Maybe you just want to watch your movie theater during the day. The right backyard theater system can do double-duty as an outdoor or indoor unit. When choosing such a system, the first factor to consider is screen size. The available screen sizes start at an impressive 9’ diagonal and the largest size is 20’! If you have a ceiling that is 10ft tall the 9 or 10ft size screens would be a great fit. The 20ft screen is 12ft tall so you want to make sure you take into consideration the size of the room you will be hosting your event in.

Of course, your indoor theater setup requires more than just a screen.   You will want to do your research on the projector you will be getting with your theater system. Luckily we have made that pretty easy. We have tested projectors from a lot of different manufactures and now have our own brand called SAVI. SAVI is a great all around projector that comes with a 2 year warranty that includes the lamp of the projector. It is our favorite! But if you require more than the 3000 lumens the SAVI comes with you can always upgrade to one of the Optoma Projectors we have hand selected.

When setting up your theater indoors you’ll also need to position the projector in an area that will make sure you get the most out of the viewing surface of your projection screen.   With our projectors you will need to position the projector approx. 12-15’ from the screen to fill up the whole surface.