people watching football on their outdoor projection screen
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We have designed our theater systems with you in mind and want to make sure the setup is as streamlined as possible. So whether you are tech savvy individual or you don’t have any electronic experience, we know you will be able to set up our systems yourself. Unlike other companies that offer what seem to be complete movie packages, we include all the cabling and extension cords you need so there will be no scrambling to look for extra cords at the last minute. All our movie theaters come with easy to follow instructions and with 2 of the systems we have step by step walk through on YouTube. We also offer top notch customer service and are here to help by phone or email.

We give you absolutely everything you need! You will only have to provide a movie or internet connection to get the party started!

Systems Starting at $999, Shop Now!

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Want to impress your friends with the ultimate big screen gaming? Try our recreation series for seamless gaming! With the rear projection screen you can play your video games and have a great time with your friends and family. If someone walks in front of the screen it won’t be a problem with our rear projection screen technology. You don’t have to worry about the image being interrupted. Have a relaxing bonfire. Keep you and your friends entertained with awesome graphics and booming sound! Imagine your favorite games projected 5 times larger than on you TV!

Complete Systems Starting at $999, Shop Now!