people watching football on their outdoor projection screen
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Congratulations on becoming the proud owner of a fabulous new outdoor theater setup from your friends at Backyard Theater Systems! You’re almost ready to send out the invitations for your very first backyard movie night – but what about all the other little details that go into making your evening the impressive, entertaining success you’re hoping for? Well, we’ve got your back there, too. Here are some pointers for optimizing your backyard movie night experience.

 Follow the sun. Keep in mind that your backyard theater system will only provide eye-popping visuals after the sun has gone down. Plan your movie night accordingly by selecting a reasonable start time, or be prepared to serve drinks and small talk until it gets dark enough for everyone to take their seats and enjoy the show.

 Clear the way. Cable management is a must if you want to prevent painful trips and falls. Wherever possible, run your cables around the perimeter of the viewing area. When a cable must be extended across a “traffic zone,” tape it down or place a non-slip rug over it. (If you’re still in the process of choosing a system and you’re worried about cable management, consider a rear-projection setup that literally takes the issue out of your guests’ way.)

 Watch the weather. Pay careful attention to the weather forecast so you’ll know whether to serve hot cofee or cold beer. Even more important is the ability to take your movie night indoors if things start looking too windy, wet or otherwise rough. Your simplest solution may be to set up an alternative space in your garage – which of course means cleaning it out first.

 Still have questions about how to prepare your outdoor theater for its debut? Contact Backyard Theater Systems and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs or concerns! 

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Love is in the air. And your Valentine will love these romantic movies as displayed on your Backyard Theater Systems outdoor theater!

Sleepless in Seattle – Bereaved widower Sam is so besieged by loneliness that he can’t sleep, prompting his son to call a radio psychiatrist’s show so his dad’s feelings can get expressed on the air. Sure enough, love comes calling – but of course it’s not as simple as that. You might also check out the other classic romance this move references, An Affair to Remember.

The Shop Around the Corner – If you love the romantic flair of those great old movies, you’ll appreciate the sheer style of this classic from 1940. Jimmy Stewart plays Alfred Kralik, a shop employee who doesn’t get along with the new employee, played by Margaret Sullavan. But then he discovers that she’s the secret pen pal he’s about to propose to…. This movie is currently available as part of two TCM “Greatest Classic” collections, one spotlighting Stewart and the other featuring holiday favorites.

Lost in Translation – Sometimes falling in or out of love feels like being lost, a sentiment that this Sophia Coppola film captures with bleak beauty and wry humor. Bill Murray is a celebrity visiting Tokyo to make a whiskey commercial when he meets Scarlett Johansson, who is in the same hotel and drifting apart from her photographer husband. The two explore the unfamiliar city at night, forging new bonds with it (and with each other).

Titanic – Yes, you’ve seen it, and so has anyone else you’re likely to screen it for. But it’s still a tremendous experience, both as a love story and as a feast for the eyes. A big movie like this deserves the big screen experience – which makes it a perfect choice for your Backyard Theater Systems setup.