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There’s no better way to start a great new year than by screening some New Year-oriented movies. Here are some great reasons to fire up your beautiful outdoor theater from Backyard Theater Systems. Enjoy!

The Poseidon Adventure – Some New Years are more exciting than others, but few offer the thrills of this colossal disaster movie set on a doomed ocean liner. As an all-star cast including Gene Hackman, Shelley Winters and Roddy McDowell engage in a watery fight for survival, the wide-screen Blu-Ray presentation will bring that sinking feeling vividly to life.

The Hudsucker Proxy – The Cohen Brothers at their wackiest make this period satire on big business a ton of fun. Tim Robbins stars as a goofy entry-level employee installed in the president’s chair at Hudsucker Industries as a part of a scheme to manipulate the company’s stock prices, only to stun everybody when he manages to invent the hula hoop. The craziness, including intervening angels and a janitor who can stop time, comes to a head on New Year’s Eve.

Strange Days – This dark science-fiction action film takes place during the mayhem of the final two days of the Millennium (which counted as “the future” back when the film was made in 1995). A killer is using advanced technology to record the murders from his point of view, and it’s up to Ralph Fiennes and Angela Bassett to figure out what’s going on and stop it. You’ll be glad this harrowing New Year’s Eve is only fictional!

When Harry Met Sally – Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) actually meet each other over and over again over a period years, ping-ponging between quarreling, friendship and attraction (and back to quarreling) on the long road toward true love – which is finally declared in the film’s climatic New Year’s Eve party sequence.