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High school graduation is a huge bag of mixed emotions for most of us, as we say goodbye to one chapter of our lives and look forward with excitement to the next one. On the big screen, we often see characters going through these changes as their graduation date looms near. Here are some films to help your gamily commemorate and celebrate this special time:

Toy Story 3: This well-received third installment in Pixar’s “Toys” series focuses on Andy as a teenager preparing for college. What will he do with his toys, the reminders of his childhood — and what will the toys do without him? It’s an entertaining yet meaningful look at what it is to face the future without forgetting the past.

American Graffiti: Even if George Lucas had never made Star Wars, he’d still be known for this classic look at those final days of high school, as seen from a 1962 perspective. Realistic characters, a fine cast including Ron Howard and Harrison Ford, and a powerful sense of nostalgia make this one a must-see.

Grease: Here’s another step back in time. Relive the 1959-60 school year with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in one of the all-time classic teenage movie musicals. There’s plenty of romance, comedy, a school dance, a big race, and a big celebration of the last day of school — all set to fantastic music.

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