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Okay, so you can’t hop a plane to Ft. Lauderdale to party and work on your tan. But you can have your own spring break vacation just by firing up your Backyard Theater Systems setup! Here are some movies to get the party started:

Where the Boys Are If you feel like reliving the spring breaks of bygone days, add this 1960 classic to your viewing schedule. You might be surprised at how little anything has actually changed over the years!

Y Tu Mama Tambien Spring break Latin-style, as an older woman accompanies two young guys through Mexico and things get out of hand. Not for the kids, but an accomplished, sophisticated film for all its spicy content.

Spring Break Shark AttackThis cheesy but fun horror movie about killer sharks munching on vacationing college co-eds won’t make any critic’s list of all-time cinema classics. But if you’re in the mood to laugh and squirm in equal measure, hey, why not?

Girl HappyWhat’s a party without Elvis? The King made this lighthearted beach movie with co-star Shelley Fabares in 1965, and it’s, well, it’s an Elvis movie. Expect the usual assortment of music and dance numbers, include the immortal “Do the Clam.”

The Four Seasons  Sure enough, one of the seasons depicted in this thoughtful film (directed by Alan Alda) is spring. Follow the trials and tribulations of three middle-aged couples as they go on vacations together throughout the year.

Enchanted April – Here’s a springtime vacation with a European twist. This 1991 idyllic romance follows two 1920s Englishwomen who spend their spring in an Italian castle by the sea. It’s a nice, leisurely change of pace from all the surfing and clambakes.

Do you have favorite spring break film we didn’t mention? Share it with us!