Watching the big game on a Backyard Theater System

About Backyard Theater Systems™

Your Complete Outdoor/Indoor Home Entertainment System

Backyard Theater Systems™ provides the centerpiece that can carry off any backyard event — the guys gathering to watch the big playoff — neighbors dropping by to view the newest movie release — kids powering their way through a gaming party — family and friends celebrating your son’s graduation — your daughter’s engagement with a moving portfolio of photos, music and video.

Whether you're waiting for the first pitch of the All Star Game, celebrating the season finale of your favorite television series or planning a weekly neighborhood movie-night rendezvous, Backyard Theater Systems™ will elevate the evening into an event everyone will remember!

“Everyone showed up at our backyard bash, including the rain! But talk about easy... within minutes we’d taken the screen apart and reassembled it in our garage and the party was saved. Awesome!”

- Rob and Sandy Smith