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SilverScreen Theater Systems Buying Guide

What is the best theater system for you?

Deciding on what Backyard Theater System is best to suite your needs can be difficult. Below are some general questions that you should answer that will help you get a better idea of what system will be best for you and your needs.

  • Where is the theater system going to be used?
  • What type of projector do you need?
  • What is the size of the venue audience?

Where is the theater system going to be used?

Before deciding on which system you’re going to get, it’s important to think about the location(s) that you are going to be using it. If you’re planning to only use it outside it would be best to have a waterproof screen. If you want to use it inside as well you want to think about ease of setup and portability.

If you are in need of a 100% waterproof screen our Backyard Theater Series and Showcase Series, all come with a specially-engineered white screen material with black polyester backing that blocks outside light while reflecting more of your projector’s light for a more vivid experience. Again 100% waterproof! (just make sure the screen is dry when in storage). Our Recreational Series would be best suited for outside use as well as it requires the supports stands to be tethered into the ground.

Our Indoor/ Outdoor Series comes with a 9’ screen that automatically rolls up into its own case with push of a button for easy storage and transportation. This 9’ screen is large enough to get the movie experience that want but small enough for you to also use it in your home.

What type of projector do you need?

The amount of ambient light, the size of your screen, and picture quality desired will determine the type of projector you should use. Ambient light is the amount of light there is that is not being produced by your projector. Ambient light and the size of your screen is important to know because this will determine the amount of lumens that you will need your projector to produce so the picture doesn’t get washed out. The larger your screen more ambient light that you have the more lumens you will need.

Each of our Backyard Theater Systems include an Savi HD LED Projector that produces 2800 lumens which is perfect for indoor use and screens 16’ or less outside. If you have a larger screen you’re going to want to have a projector that produces more lumens and a higher pixel per square inch like a 1080p. The more pixels per square inch you have, the higher the quality of the picture.

If you’re planning on running neighborhood movie nights, or movies in the park you’re going to want to upgrade to the Optoma HD27 with 3200 lumens or the EH500 with 4700 lumens both at 1080p. This will give you the best quality picture without it getting washed out by the setting sun.

What is the size of the venue and audience?

Before deciding on what system to purchase and choosing the size of your screen and quality of projector, it’s a good idea to think about how many people you’re intending to cater to. If you’re only planning on enjoying your Backyard Theater System with friends and family, our Indoor/ Outdoor system with a 9’ screen that rolls up into its own case and 8” SAVI speakers will do the job perfectly. The Indoor/ Outdoor system also gives you the flexibility to use it inside and easily move it outside.

If you’re planning on only using it for friends and family and strictly want to have an outdoor system and want to enhance your viewing experience, we suggest to go with our Backyard Theater Series or Recreation Series. The Backyard Series comes with a 10’ waterproof screen with the option to upgrade to a 12’ or 16’ screen. The Recreation Series boasts an impressive 11’ stretch screen that can be used for BOTH front and rear projections. Great for movie nights in the pool!

Planning neighborhood or public showings where there is the potential for a large amount of people to cater to, you’re going to want to go with our Showcase Series. The Showcase Series comes with a 16’ waterproof screen, with the option to upgrade to a 20’ screen, and 10” SAVI speakers to ensure everyone will get the best experience. If you’re truly trying to dazzle your audience and provide the best experience possible we suggest upgrading the projector to the 1080p 4700 Lumen Optoma EH500.

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