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Darkness falls across the gigantic silver screen. The audience grows silent with anticipation and excitement. Then a dazzling full-color image appears on the screen, accompanied by heart-pumping music. Everyone watches captivated as crisp, beautiful images and spectacular sound effects begin their storytelling magic. It's ShowTime!

We're not talking about your local super-sized mega-plex cinema. We're talking about your own backyard.

Welcome to Backyard Theater Systems, your source for indoor/outdoor theater solutions that will turn your own home, yard, church or local conference center into a serious presentation venue. Our all-in-one systems -- including our "no inflation required" QuikScreen and portable projectors, media players, speakers, accessories and super-convenient media cabinet for storage -- enable you to set up and take down a complete, high-performance outdoor home theater in minutes. Whether you're having a few friends over for a backyard movie or giving an important presentation at a public event, Backyard Theater Systems has the system for you.

Take a moment to check out our outdoor projector systems and outdoor movie screens -- and don't be shy about asking us for advice on any of these products. Bookmark our blog to view ongoing posts about our latest products, new technologies or general home theater information. Then place your order -- and prepare to be amazed and delighted.

Backyard Theater News, Tips & Tricks

Graduation Parties: A Big Day for Your Big Screen

Whether you’ve got a high-school senior stepping into adulthood or a college graduate stepping into the job market, those diplomas and degrees deserve to be celebrated in a big way – and there’s no bigger way than projecting them onto your backyard theater system at a graduation party...Read More!

Backyard Viewing for Your Backyard Cookout

Barbecue: A Texas Love Story – No matter what part of the country you call home, your meat-loving guests will remember this documentary about the culture of Texas barbecue for many cookouts to come. Former Texas Governor Ann Richards hosts interviews with the many Texas who love their ‘cue... Read More!

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